Biden is Better on Jewish Security and Antisemitism: The Basics

For over 50 years, former ADL CEO Abe Foxman, American Jewry’s foremost leader in the fight against bigotry and antisemitism, remained nonpartisan. This year he chose to speak out for fear that a second Trump term — after the last four years in which the president has consistently undermined the courts, free press, electoral system and other key institutions of our democracy — would severely threaten Jewish security. As Foxman, a Holocaust survivor, knows all too well — Jews, historically, suffer under authoritarian governments:

“Trump’s presidency — in spirit and in deed — has given succor to bigots, supremacists, and those seeking to divide our society. He and his administration dehumanize immigrants, demonize the most vulnerable, and undermine the civility and enlightened political culture that have allowed Jews to achieve what no Diaspora community outside Israel can claim in two millennia….I have known Joe Biden for many years, and I have confidence he will restore the equilibrium that has been lost. He has been an ally, and he has repeatedly pledged to aggressively fight anti-Semitism. I am confident he and Kamala Harris will not back down from confronting Israel’s enemies and detractors, even if they emerge within their own party.”

  • Emory University Professor Deborah Lipstadt characterizes Trump as an antisemitism “enabler.” In her book “Anti-Semitism: Here and Now,” she asserts that in his rhetoric Trump has “hit almost every millennial-old anti-Semitic stereotype.”

Martin J. Raffel for 27 years was lead professional at the Jewish Council for Public Affairs on Israel, Human Rights and Global Antisemitism and now serves on the Democratic Jewish Outreach Pennsylvania (DJOP) board.

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