How to Adopt an Infrequent Voter

by Ana Rodrigues

If you are reading this, it’s because you already know the importance of voting, and you’ve been wondering what else you can do to get people to vote.

At this point in the race, the most efficient way to guarantee a strong turnout is to inspire undecided and infrequent voters to use their right to vote because someone they care about is reaching out and asking for their support.

How to Reach an Infrequent Voter

How do you know whether someone is an infrequent voter?
You can check your contact’s voting records and identify those who have not voted in the past, searching by name and address, or you can Download the App ‘Vote with Me’. The app will sync your contact list with the public records data and return their available voting history. It doesn’t reveal who they voted for, shows if they are affiliated to a party, and voted.

The success of this approach comes from the use of your authentic voice. You are not speaking to a potential voter; you are speaking to a person who has the right to vote and gets to decide if and how to use it. Before reaching out, consider these questions:

  • What does that person mean to you?
  • What does voting mean to you?
  • How would the knowledge that they voted make you feel better, and why does it matter?

Only after you re-establish your personal connection will you be able to convince your friend to vote. Because restoring our democracy isn’t just about Election Day, it is also about building community.

What’s your message?
Recent polling and focus groups have shown that infrequent voters often are not too familiar with Joe Biden or the reasons he’d protect Americans and save democracy. Here are the exact messages that persuaded infrequent voters that Biden would be a good president…much better than Trump. Obviously, you’ll want to convey these messages in your own voice and with your own wording. And you’ll want to choose a topic that your friend is interested in. These messages will help your friend understand what Biden brings to the table and why you’re urging them to vote for Biden/Harris.

  1. As Americans face unprecedented wildfires, hurricanes, and floods, Donald Trump calls climate change a hoax and is making it easier for big business to pollute our air and water. Joe Biden has a bold plan to fight climate change that will produce cleaner air, cleaner water, and five million new manufacturing and technology jobs.
  2. Donald Trump has failed to bring down the cost of tuition, and wants to cut funding for public schools. Joe Biden would triple funding for public schools, make community college free, make four-year public colleges and universities tuition-free for families making under $125,000, and offer student loan forgiveness in exchange for community service.
  3. For four years, Donald Trump has left this country more divided by fanning the flames of racism and violence. Joe Biden wants to heal the country, bring people together, and support peaceful protesters who believe that every American should be treated equally, no matter what you look like or where you come from.
  4. After six months of failing to get the pandemic under control, Donald Trump still has no plan to fight it. Joe Biden has a plan to offer rapid testing, require masks, help schools and businesses open safely, and develop a scientifically proven vaccine so that Americans can join other countries in going back to their normal lives. This will help the economy recover faster than anything else.
  5. With the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Affordable Care Act is in danger of repeal in the Supreme Court. Joe Biden has a plan to strengthen the ACA, protect people with pre-existing conditions, and provide a public option for people who want a medicare-like plan. His plan would cover almost all Americans, instead of leaving millions of people uninsured in the middle of a global pandemic.

While you’re talking to your friend, remind them that their single vote does count. If even a small percentage of Biden voters convince their infrequent- voter friends to vote, it could result in a huge difference in the vote totals and could make the difference in a tight race.

You and your friend will be able to know that you directly affected the election’s outcome and the future of our republic.

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