Voting Day Mad Lib with Biden Bear

by Rufina Kang and Starr Da Mauer

On the morning of Nov 3, 2020, it was time to use my special power to save the country and save the world. I put on my [name of article of clothing] and my [color] coat and my Biden/Harris [ campaign accessory]. I grabbed a mask and a big tote bag holding my fully charged phone, a bottle of [name of drink] and [name of snack], a folding chair and [name of book] and I went out to vote. On the way to my polling place, I saw [number between 1–10] ‘MAGA’ signs and [number between 80–120] ‘Biden/Harris’ signs, which made me feel hopeful. At my polling place, I waited patiently to exercise my right to vote and my civic duty. After I voted, a polling volunteer offered me an ‘I voted’ sticker, which I proudly accepted and placed on my [name of body part]. On my way out of the polling place, I saw [name of celebrity crush]!

They saw me too and smiled at me, and said ‘Wow, your ‘I voted’ sticker looks so cool, and voters who do their civic duty are sexy! Would you like to come to an Election Day party tonight and see if our country managed to pull together and give 45 a good kick in the [insert body part]?’

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